Four Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables


Vegetables and fruits contain minerals and other vitamins as well as other naturally occurring compounds that protect us from diseases. Although the same minerals and supplements are found in supplements, some other naturally occurring substances may not be present in supplements. In fact, health experts advise that you should never totally rely on supplements to fill in your nutritional gaps. When you want to explore the benefits of fruits and vegetables fully, it’s important that you go for organic produce because they do not contain pesticides.

The ugly truth is that pesticides are poisonous and find their way into our bodies when we eat food cultivated using them. Recent research found that pesticides reduce the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. Foods that contain significant amounts of pesticides may cause immune system issues, hormonal problems just to mention a few. Do you know the benefits of having fruits and vegetables like avocados, apples, beets, blueberries, cabbage, apricots just to mention a few?


Fruits and vegetables are great for your health because they have a high fiber content. Fiber has lots of benefits when present in your diet. For instance, recent research shows that fiber in the diet can reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart attack, stroke, some cancers, obesity and much more. The list is endless. Moreover, fiber helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Now that you know the benefits of cholesterol, you should make an effort of including fruits and vegetables with high fiber content in your diet.

Low fat

Fruits and vegetables contain low-fat content and good sugars. If you are attempting to lose weight, fruits contain less sugar that is known to be the number one cause of obesity. Besides, low-fat content in fresh fruit and vegetables will help you prevent other life-threatening diseases like cancer and heart disease.


Vegetable and fruits contain significant amounts of phytonutrients that are a vital part of our diet. Everyone know minerals and vitamins but not phytonutrients that help our bodies prevent multiple diseases. There are more than forty thousand phytonutrients discovered, and they help us prevent diseases because of their antioxidant action, antibacterial action, hormonal action, interference with DNA replication, stimulation of enzymes just to mention a few. Phytonutrients are responsible for coloring fruits, and that is the reason health experts recommend that you should eat a variety of different colored fruits and vegetables.

Increase the feeling of satiety

wertghgfdseIf you are trying to lose weight, you know that one experiences hunger all the time. Health experts recommend that you should eat five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables daily. You can consume as many fruits and veggies as you wish because they are healthy for your body.

When eating fruits and vegetables, you should ensure that you engage in physical activity like exercise to boost their benefits and help further the fight against life-threatening diseases as mentioned above. Moreover, when you workout, your body produces endorphins also happy hormones that make you feel better and help you fight conditions like depression, reduce the levels of bad cholesterol and much more.